ODC manages this large Midwestern bank’s business forms inventory and makes sure that each of its over 260 locations have all the letterhead, transaction receipts, cashier’s checks, and insufficient funds notices (hopefully you’ve never received one of these little beauties) it needs to operate.

Every day ODC receives over a hundred orders from the various bank locations needing any quantity of the thousands of business forms SKUs in inventory. The vast majority of orders request less than full case quantities of items so "inner" packs or "eaches" are picked, packaged, and shipped same day in parcel-sized shipments. For larger bank locations with numerous people placing forms orders, "mail stop" numbers are placed on each order package (within a master parcel) so they may be quickly separated and delivered right to the desk of the person who ordered the forms.

By consolidating the forms inventory for over 260 locations in one distribution center, the inventory can finally be managed accurately and handled much more efficiently than by having each location or region manage its own forms.

Forms purchases can be made in "bulk" while at the same time keeping the total forms inventory at a minimum. Valuable office space isn’t taken up by unnecessary supply rooms and economies of scale can be brought to bear at every step in the office supply process.

And as with all companies that outsource logistics functions through O’Byrne, this bank benefits by having distribution experts using the latest technologies handle their logistics concerns for them while they focus on their core business. Would anyone honestly expect a bank to set up zone picking controlled by the latest warehouse management software available and supervised by twenty-year distribution veterans? Of course not, banks are financial experts not distribution experts. But through outsourcing with O’Byrne Distribution Centers this expertise and the efficiencies it creates is exactly what they get.

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