The fine papers division of Westvaco supplies paper in large roll stock and cut-sheet form to catalog and magazine printers worldwide. O’Byrne uses roll clamps to cross-dock this product between rail cars and trucks so the proper materials are on hand when the printer is ready to go to press. Often the time constraints are tight and would threaten to shut down a printer’s line if not met. This type of "Just-In-Time" inventory management saves storage costs but requires a very dependable distribution partner to work properly, and O’Byrne has never failed to deliver on time for Westvaco’s JIT customers.

Some O’Byrne customers buy raw materials in bulk and store them with us so they can utilize their own plant space solely for production purposes. They rely on O’Byrne to make sure their raw materials arrive Just-In-Time for production so that their plant is clear of unnecessary materials, their space and personnel are dedicated to production purposes (creating higher ROI), and so production runs go smoothly.

If your company’s finished products are your customers’ raw materials, you could find tremendous efficiencies through implementing a JIT distribution program with O’Byrne Distribution Centers. Likewise, if your company is a manufacturer and would like to improve ROI while increasing production, you could move your materials offsite to O’Byrne and use all of your facility for production purposes. O’Byrne can manage the details of getting all the products needed for production to your facility on time. And at the same time, we can pick up your finished products and manage their distribution as well making your facility a dedicated production center focused on what you do best.

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